Dinner time can be more fabulous with a host of solid wooden tables

Food is not just about enjoying the gastronomical delights. It is also about spending the best moments with your family members, or enjoying a sumptuous corporate buffet in your office or commercial sector. Now in the market, you can find different brands of online furniture store that give you a wide array of options. There are simple wooden side tables, tables that you can put in between the sofas and chairs, and solid wooden dining tables that you can use for dining with your family. You can by 4- seater, 6-seater and 8-seater wooden dining tables depending on the number of family members that you have in your home. Similarly, for your breakfast tables, you can buy wooden tables that can accommodate all the members of your family.

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Showing 1–24 of 99 results

Buy furniture online and save cost and time

You can now buy furniture online and get the best deals on wooden tables. CraftyTales presents a large collection of tables that have the right finesse, craftsmanship and design that suits the taste of any contemporary homeowner. Although the marble dining tables and even the wrought iron ones are much popular among people, the luxurious impact and timeless appeal that solid varnished wood has are unparallel. Rajasthan furniture online is all about richness, intricacy, high-quality carving and exquisite designs. You can buy single tables and desks for an all-purpose room, or else, just buy a dining table set with wooden chairs that will be ideal for your dining space. Rectangular, solid oval, circular, square-shaped, table with small boxes attached to it, and tables that have warm chestnut varieties can be the perfect ones to buy. You can also get a provincial texture if the rest of the interior decoration of your home is as per countryside decoration:

    • Small hanging lampshades from the ceiling, bar cabinets on the side, wooden side tables, wooden fruit bowls on the dining table-this can be an ideal decoration for the place where a family meets and eats. 
  • When you buy furniture online you should prioritize the colour, design, style and contrast when you arrange the furniture with the rest of the things in your room. The dining table should not be messed up or cluttered unnecessarily with files or with paperwork, which you can surely store in a wooden cabinet or in a boxed wall rack. 
  • Rajasthani furniture is all about wood polish, varnish, wooden texture, vinyl, and a fine balance of aesthetics and functionality. You can utilize the best designs with simple straight legs, or treacle legs or even legs that resemble animal faces, when you experiment with designer wooden dining tables. 

CraftyTales, is an ideal online furniture store that provides you with an exquisite collection of wooden dining tables, side tables, chairs, wooden living room and bedroom furniture